Lindsay Lohan 2012 Body Weight

There is no denying Lindsay Lohan has seen her fair share of 'ups and downs' throughout the years, and along with personal triumphs and defeats, her body weight has also experienced its own 'ups and downs as well.

While she has battled with maintaining a healthy weight at times, dropping down to approximately 100 lbs at her thinnest, she is currently looking as healthy as shes looked in years.

If I had to guess Lindsay Lohan's weight in march of 2012, I would say she weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 lbs, which I have also seen stated on a few other blogs. Which is a normal weight for a woman who stands 5'5" tall.

I just hope she can stay on the right track and revive her acting career! You still have fans out there, Lilo!


Lindsay Lohan Sunglasses

Lindsay Lohan is well known for her passion for ritzy sunglasses, and this pair is nothing short of spectacular. The designer is Chloe and model number is 2165.

Perfect style for people searching for a big beautiful over sized pair of aviator sunglasses, however this design is slightly more square than your average pair of aviators, which really makes them even more appealing, if you ask me.


Lindsay Lohan Tattoo Designs

Ok, here is a quick rundown of tattoo designs on the beautiful body of Lindsay Lohan.

La Bella Vita tattooed at the top of her tight butt cheek, SHHH... is on her finger, a Marilyn Monroe quote "Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle" along with several small colorful stars.

She also has a small heart and star tattooed on her hands and "Breath" on her wrist.

Do you know of any other Lindsay Lohan tattoos which we have not listed here?


Lindsay Lohan Huge Lips

Has our beloved Lindsay Lohan completely lost her marbles? I mean seriously, look at what she has done with her lips!

This reminds of a rushed Halloween costume, just to enter a costume party.

Lets hear it straight from the fans, has Lindsay Lohan gone too far with her plastic surgery habits?


Lindsay Lohan Cute Smile

I absolutely adore the smile of Lindsay Lohan, its so innocent and approachable.

If only she would get her act together, and put her life back on track, she could reclaim that innocent reputation.

Lindsay Lohan has one of the cutest celebrity smiles in the business.